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Stay up to date on all that goes on throughout the NECL. Stay informed on the current standings for our Fortnite, Rocket League and Valorant leagues and learn a thing or two with our “Strat Talk” and terminology breakdown segments. You will also hear interviews from our teams and get a piece of game action with our “Hot Mic” segment. All of that and much more is packed into each new episode of NECL RUSH!

New episodes air live every Sunday at 7pm in-season on Twitch and YouTube. If you miss a broadcast, catch up with all of our past episodes on YouTube.


The National Esports Champions League has youth esports club teams playing from locations all over the United States. Teams play from LAN centers, college arenas or online from home. This season there will be leagues for Fortnite, Rocket League and Valorant. Players will compete for nine weeks, with normal weekly matches each Saturday, interspersed with pro-style tournaments, all leading up to the NECL National Championships.


Top 5 commandments of the offensive line14Nov
Top 5 commandments of the offensive line
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All important american football league and playoffs13Nov
All important american football league and playoffs
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Oxygen Club historic triumphs in 90’s11Nov
Oxygen Club historic triumphs in 90’s
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